Tablet Mount Adaptor


The TMA-1 is a versatile tablet mount adaptor that works with multiple VMP flat panel mounts including the LCD-1B, LCD-1CB, LCD-2B, FP-SFTB and FP-SFB, as well as other manufacturer's 100x100mm VESA mounts. The TMA-1 is designed to hold most tablets 7" – 11" in size including many popular iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Fire models. As tablets have become an everyday necessity for so many applications in the commercial and security markets, the TMA-1 provides the ideal solution to mount any number of tablets wherever one is needed.

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TMA-1 with iPad


  • Holds Most Tablets 7" – 11"
  • Works with LCD-1B, LCD-1CB, LCD-2B, FP-SFTB and FP-SFB
  • Connects to other manufacturers 100 x 100 mm mounts
  • Adjustable Height and Width
  • Overall tablet size range
  • 5.3" to 7.9" Wide
  • 7.7" to 10.6" High
  • 0.45" Deep
  • Load Capacity – 6 lbs.
  • Black Finish



UPC: 6-73853505390 (TMA-1)

MSRP: $73.95

Product Dimensions (WxHxD): Adjusts as follows -

Width - 5.3" to 7.9"

Height - 7.7" to 10.6"

Depth - 0.45"

Product Weight: 1.6 lbs

Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD): 10' x 7" x 2"

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs





  • LCD-1B: Multi-Configurable Small Flat Panel Articulating Mount
  • LCD-1CB: Small Flat Panel Ceiling Mount
  • LCD-2B: Small Flat Panel Desk Mount
  • FP-SFTB: Small Flat Panel Tilt Mount
  • FP-SFB: Small Flat Panel Flush Mount


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