5U Vertical Equipment Wall Cabinets

ERVWC-5U Series

VMP’s 5U low profile Vertical Wall Cabinets are designed to securely mount your EIA standard rack equipment in remote locations such as back offices, closets, retail locations or anywhere where there is limited floor space and you need a clean and organized way to secure your equipment in a location that is accessible to many.

These enclosures have a low profile due to their vertical mounting configuration and feature cable management punch-outs, ventilation and a dedicated location for mounting a patch panel in addition to the available rack units.  Mounting rails feature both M6 and 12-24 rail threading options to suit your preference.  Units ship completely assembled and ready to mount.


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ERVWC-5U36 Open ERVWC-5U36 Lid Open



  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Two convenient 5U cabinet depths
    • 20” Usable Vertical Depth (ERVWC-5U20)
    • 36” Usable Vertical Depth (ERVWC-5U36)
  • Rails adjust to accommodate mounting depth
  • Reversible front door – Vented for cooling
  • Separate locking hinged top and hinged body
  • 1” and 1.75” top and bottom cable ports
  • Threaded Mounting holes – M6 or 12-24
  • Marked rack spaces
  • Slide out 2U bracket for patch panels
  • Mounting locations for fans (fans not included)
  • Load Capacity 150 lbs.
  • Black Finish



ERVWC-5U36 (Shown)

Overall Dimensions: 42.75”H x 25.6”W x 9.75”D


Overall Dimensions: 28.8”H x 25.6”W x 9.75”D


See Also ERVWC-2U Series

- Same as above except 2U






67385310131-8 (ERVWC-5U20)

67385310132-5 (ERVWC-5U36)


$619.95 (ERVWC-5U20)

$863.95 (ERVWC-5U36)

Product Dimensions: (H x W x D)

28.8" x 25.6" x 9.75" (ERVWC-5U20)

42.75" x 25.6" x 9.75" (ERVWC-5U36)

Shipping Dimensions: (H x W x D)

31" x 28" x 12" (ERVWC-5U20)

46" x 28" x 13" (ERVWC-5U36)

Product Weight:

ERVWC-5U20 - 45 lbs.

ERVWC-5U36 - 55 lbs.

Shipping Weight:

ERVWC-5U20 - 58 lbs.

ERVWC-5U36 - 75 lbs.








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